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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Guadalupe D

  • ACDF C5-6-7

“I want to say thank you and God bless you Dr. Amar. A few years ago I had a car accident and had pain every now and then, however at the beginning of this year 2019 I was in an excruciating pain and could not even lift my right arm. I was seen another doctor at that time, he said that I only needed PT and nothing major. After 2 months of wasting my time and money and still with pain, I was referred to Dr. Amar by another dr. and finally Dr. Amar gave the right diagnosis and treatment. By the time I woke up from surgery the pain was gone!

Dr. Amar is my hero! Not only are you a professional and well prepared person but also a compassionate human being. I will always be grateful because you gave me my life back and also to my family. Little by little I am recovering, since not even 2 months from surgery, and I am already feeling great and this has a great impact to my family. Thank you forever. ”


  • L5 S1 lumbar fusion

“I was suffering from severe pain in my legs and back for several years after my original surgery back in 2003 with another doctor. I had tried all types of medications, treatments, injections, therapies, radio frequency and no relief... just more pain. I was very depressed and decided to find a surgeon. After much searching I found Dr Amar and made an appointment. Dr Amar explained everything that was happening to me and what he could do. We decided on a lumbar fusion. His office staff and especially Yamilett his surgical coordinator were awesome. Yamilett even spent several days working with my insurance as they did not want to approve surgery. Both Dr. Amar and Yamilett were my angels sent from heaven. I am 4 days post surgery and the excruciating back pain is gone. If you are looking for an awesome and compassionate surgeon then look no further. There is noone better than Dr. Amar. He is definitely an angel sent from above.

Candi R

  • L5-S1 Fusion

“Dr. Amar is an angel. I was hurt on-duty as a paramedic and after numerous "pain-management procedures" and workman comp hoops I was left hopeless and desperate. I finally was able to get into see Dr. Amar after I did extensive research and found out who the best was. He was. I drove 3 hours from home and wheeled in my chair, as at this point I couldn't walk but inches with 9-months worth of medical reports, a drop foot, and a leg turned 180 degrees. He asked for my latest MRI scan, read it with me, and explained in 2 mins what I had waited 6 months and multiple "neurosurgeons" to hear. "When do you want me to make this pain go away?" "You have herniation's at L5-S1 its very clearly indicated you need surgery." He then along with his staff started the paper work to get my surgery approved. He gave me his personal cell and told me to call if my symptoms got worse. Well they did. I developed a condition with spinal cord issues that required immediate surgery days after I had returned back home to Key West. I called his cell phone and he answered. He wanted me air lifted due to weather. I had to be brought via ambulance but Dr. Amar spoke to the ER and gave orders of what meds and what was needed to be done now. I arrived to Baptist Hospital and Dr. Amar was waiting for me he was there and held my hand through my MRI and performed a 6-8 hour surgery on me. He explained my foot was more than likely not going to be fixed and fitted me for a brace. I was ok with that as at the time I was unable to move my lower half. He performed that surgery and, from what I was told from family, went home changed and came back straight to my room. He pulled on that foot, told me to resist, and I was able to. I could feel my legs and he pulled the hospital bed across the room and we both celebrated. He sat me up and told me to walk and I did. I walked more than a few inches for the first time in 9 months. I was 26 years old the day Dr. Amar gave me my life back. I am now 30 and I work as a law enforcement officer. Dr. Amar will forever be my family, my hero, and an angel. ”

Manuel (Manny) Vidal

  • Spinal Stenosis. Anterior and Posterior Lumbar decompression and fusion of L4 L5

“Dr. Amar I'll start by telling you that I have never met a Dr. that impress me as much as you did when I first met you in 2013. Your self confidence, humble and caring demeanor was refreshing. You told me then that I needed surgery yet I decided to wait in the hopes that by some miracle the pain would go away with therapy/exercise/optimism. Well you were right and after 3 years I had no choice but to go through with the procedure.

I went in 12/24/2015 (noche buena) and after 6 hours under the knife 4 hours later I was already taking my first steps. It was at that moment that I realized that ALL my previous pain and discomfort was gone. What can I say but that indeed you have the gift of God.

I'm currently at the beginning of my 3 week and I'm totally independent and never needed a walker or any other contraption to help me get around. My recovery so far has exceeded all my expectations and the only one holding me back from walking longer distance and doing more is you.

During my decision process as to who would perform my surgery which entailed hours of research as well as meetings with different Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons I have to say that one of the key deciding factor for me was when you said to me, I feel real good about the procedure and you will be satisfied with the outcome.

You have given me the opportunity to resume my lifestyle and for this I would be for ever grateful.

My friend, you're a ROCK STAR!


juan carlos

  • surgery to correct Spondylolisthesis , Lumbar Radiculopathy

“I met Dr Amar Rajadhyaksha a few months after my injury,, it only takes a few seconds to him to look at my MRI disk and explain to me the problem ,,,and the only solution . i needed surgery asap , at that time the pain was really big some days i could not walk at all ,, of course i regret that i had that injury, but at the same time i was extremely lucky to find DR Amar,,,, he is not only a really fine doctor ,, [ i check on him and i found out that he is a top doctor in his area } ,,,but he is one of the nicest person that you could ever met,,, he told me at the beginning " don't worry Juan,,,,we will take good care of you",,,because i was a worker comp case i had to have before surgery epidural injections [ 3 ] in order to do everything to solve the problem, ,,Dr amar was very clear when he explained to me that in my case it won't get any results.,,,, of course,,, he was right,,, he was always very nice , always smiling to me and to every patient at his office , ,,, my surgery was a little big ,,,, about 4 and a half hour, it finished around 7 pm,,but it does not matter to him, the next day at 7 am Dr Amar appears at the hospital to check on me and he asked me how i felt, i said very well, ,,, he only respond to me " i told you my friend " he is such an amazing person, i never before wrote any testimonial about anything ,, but DR Amar really deserves that,,, i will never forget what he did [ he really changed my life for good] ,,, if somebody needs to find a doctor in his area of expertise, please don't hesitate to look for him , you will find not only a fine doctor,, but a very special person, he will be my friend for ever , jc”

Gisela Moreiras

  • Spine Surgery

“I am Gisela Moreiras and I am a walking miracle.....

Two years ago I met Dr. Amar and at that time I was physically and mentally in desperation due to a spine surgery performed 6 month before by a neurosurgeon that left me in a worst condition.

I was unable to walk for a couple of days due to a severe pain behind my legs. I was taken to Baptist Hospital emergency and after medication and CITI scan performed I was referred to a neuro Doctor who studied my spine nerves by doing a MRI and other tests. I was told that I had a serious condition in my spine and he would not be able to give me treatment. Again I was referred to a neuro surgeon who after reviewing my case said that only surgery could be my way out. I had a severe spinal stenosis affecting L3-L5, S1-S2. The Neuro surgeon told me that the surgery would be simple and after a week I would be in excellent condition and that no therapy was necessary. On August 3, 2011 I had surgery, I felt good for a couple of days then things started to worsen. I started having pains in my lower back and my left foot weakened and loss sensation leaving my foot no movement. On my first visit after the surgery I explained this to the doctor and he said everything seemed to be normal and that probably because of my age (65) I could not expect feeling any better and he recommended getting a second opinion. I went back to the first neuro Doctor I had seen and he was alarmed by my worsen condition and said I had to go back to the neuro surgeon and he needed to decide what other procedure needed to be done. In my search for a second opinion, no doctor wanted to take my case first because they would not take any patient with previous surgery and second out of respect for the surgeon that did the previous surgery.

After 6 month of search and agony I decided to look at my insurance book and to my surprise I found orthopedic doctor that specializes in spine. I called and it was late so I left a message hoping I would get a call back. Sure enough, I received a call from Yamilet the following day. I explained my situation and she asked me to go see the doctor in two days with all my records. Dr. Amar was my last hope and even though I did not know his credentials I had hope he would finally give me life and happiness again. Dr. Amar was very diligent in asking questions and as he reviewed the x-rays from before and after. He explained thoroughly that I had a serious problem, some nerves from my back had been affected with the previous surgery and that was the reason for my back pains, leg pain and movement of my feet. He recommended to have surgery as soon as possible otherwise the nerve will worsen and he assure me that I will be back to normal in no time. That day I made the decision to have surgery two weeks from that day and hope to God that I had made the right one. February 28th, 2012 was the big day and I never felted more secure in my life. I felt I was in good hands and everything will be a success. After 5 hours in surgery I heard Dr. Amar calling my name for me to wake up and to move my feet. Allelluya!!!! I had movement again!!! Not only did he fix the negligence from the previous doctor but he did what originally needed to be done a fusion and 6 screws (L5-L3)

To this day, two years later, February 28, 2014 I still thank Dr. Amar for making a change in my life. I would always recommend Dr. Amar for his professionalism, knowledge, dedication to his patients, and his good heart.

Dr. Amar, You are an Angel sent from heaven to help those in desperation....Thank you!!!”

Gerardo Vilas

  • Lumbar Fusion

“My name is Gerardo Vilas, I suffered from a terrible pain in my lower back and my right hip.

I tried many doctors, with no relief.

After eight months I decided to go for an operation, I visited Dr. Amar R. and on the first visit he told me what I had ... During the previous eight months my back was deteriorating, to the point that I only could walk with the help of the walker. I took a lot of pain killers...

A week after the operation by Dr. Amar R. I stopped the pain meds, since I did not have any pain.

He performed a LUMBAR FUSION for Nerve Compression.

Gerardo Vilas, Miami, Florida”

Tatiana Gomez

  • Degenerated Disc Repair

“Dr. Amar is the best surgeon ever! For almost 3 years I was in excruciating pain due to a degenerated disc that was pinching my sciatic nerve. Dr. Amar performed surgery on me a month ago and I feel brand new! I have no pain and I finally have my life back. If you are suffering from back or neck pain you have to go see Dr. Amar!”

Jeffrey Cleveland

  • Scoliosis

“Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha is the first surgeon who was smart enough and cared enough to diagnose what three other neurosurgeons could not find. Only Dr. Baskin, my pain management doctor and one radiologist could see the problem but none of the... other Neurosurgeons could see the problem. It took Dr. Amar Rajadhyaksha less than 10 minutes to determine what needed to be done, come up with a plan of action and act on that plan.

The first visit to Dr. Rajadhyaksha was to drop off 25 pounds of documents from these "Experts." I had hobbled in using a cane and was in severe pain despite the use of pain killers. He could clearly see where the problem was but it wasn't until the second visit for him to drop the "F" Bomb on me, he would not only go in from the back but the Front too placing the new bone graft into the space of the missing disc. I knew that I could not live with the pain I was in and he took time to show me exactly what he was going to do. Everything made sense but then looking at Dr. Rajadhyaksha who is young, which in doctor terms means he still cares and just came out of Cornell with excellent training.

As the operation loomed on the horizon, Dr. Rajadhyaksha and Yamilett had given me their personal cell phone number, met with my wife numerous times (once I think she just wanted to see him again because he is so handsome) and they helped me get the clearance for the operation. This is the only negative of the process and it is really the most time consuming part of the operation, it is also the one area that the hospital and insurance companies require to be done their way. This also falls into the category "There has to be a better way."

The operation finally arrived and Dr. Rajadhyaksha was there early to keep my anxiety down and then it was time to sleep. I awoke with Dr. Rajadhyaksha right there. During the operation every hour he had someone update my wife of my condition. The recovery took about 6 weeks. I went from barely able to walk with a cane to walking a mile every morning with my dogs and no pain. This has been amazing. I cannot say enough about the difference that this has made in my life. I literally went from little too no hope to planning for a long future of being pain free.

Dr. Rajadhyaksha shows not only care but a personality and takes pride in his work. Every new x-ray clearly shows my Scoliosis but at the bottom of the spine where the pain came from are the neat and symmetrical screws bars and attachments that keep me out of pain. I really never expected the results to relieve all my pain but I am still cane & pain free. ”

Ivis I. Guerra

  • L2 Burst Fracture with Progressive Deformity

“My family was involved in an auto accident where my Mother's spine was fractured and compressed. She was immediately transferred to the hospital where she was taken care of by a group of physicians that decided they would not provide further treatment because they felt that she was too old, she had an unstable clinical background and they felt that the injury would eventually heal on its own.

Recommended by a dear friend, we contacted Dr. Rajadhyaksha. At this point 2 months had passed from the initial injury and my mother was in extreme pain. So much pain that the Morphine patches were not working. When comparing a previous CT scan to a current one, there was much more of a collapse in the new scan and the fracture was completely unstable leading to permanent deformity.

Of course, contrary to the previous physicians' reaction to my mother's case, Dr. Rajadyaksha gave us HOPE. He explained the alternatives to surgery, risks and benefits. Most importantly, he was not intimidated by her clinical background.

He proceeded with the surgery at Baptist Hospital on February 23, 2010. He fused from T12 to L4. Yes it was a delicate situation, but we were prepared because Dr. R guided us through the process and explained everything as it happened. He prepared my mother so much that she knew what to expect allowing her to prepare herself mentally for what she was going to endure and what she needed to do to come out successfully.

Today is July 29, 2010. My mother was at the Baptist Rehabilitation Center for 1 week after surgery, had PT at home and went through 6 weeks of out patient rehabilitation. She has had such a positive recovery that at 5 months, my mother is pain free, no longer wears a brace, is starting to drive and has found her independence once again.

I work with many physicians and you often run into physicians with a heart, but Dr. Rajadhyaksha tops the cake. They care! Dr. R's bedside manners are incredible and has been there for my family and I as a true friend. My family and I are eternally grateful at Dr. Rajadhyaksha's positive outlook at such a complicated case. He has given my daughter and nephews their grandmother back.

Thank you Dr. Rajadyaksha and his staff for caring!”

Josephine Powell

  • Lumbar Pain

“I was treated by Dr Rajadhyaksha, in December 2009, I was in constant pain in my lumbar area of L4 and L5, after surgery in December, I feel wonderful, and would recommend him and his team to anyone. Thanks Dr Amar so much.”

Yaritza Gomez

  • Sugery

“Fui operada por el dr. Rajadhyaksha el 28 de enero de 2010 de hernia discal en mis vertebras L5 S1, mi recuperacion fue muy rapida y exitosa, muy pronto deje de sentir dolores y recupere mi rutina deportiva y con mi familia. Recomiendo el dr ampliamente. ademas de magnifico profesional es una gran persona y esta reunido con un excelente equipo de trabajo.”

Marta Mandel

  • Lower Back Pain

“Dear Dr. Amar:

It has been 7 months since you operated on my lower back and I still cannot get over the fact that the pain in my back is gone. For me, this operation has felt like a miracle.

I went to your office around the first part of December 2009, for the first time. For six months I had so much pain in my lower back that I had to take strong pain killers every day and at the end of the day, I could not stand for a long time and it was painful to walk. I also had 2 months of phisical therapy and 3 injections in my back at the Pain Center. I was a bit reluctant to go through surgery since two of my friends warned me: "don't do it, you might not be able to walk again." I have to confess to you Dr., that when I met you I thought to myself: "Oh My!, how can such a young Dr. help me with my back." Well, you told me you could help me and I believed you.

Thank you for explaining to me my condition and all the procedures of the operation with such patience and care. You operated me on Feb. 18th, and I will never forget your care and concern while I was in the hospital. Two months after the operation, you sent me to take physical therapy and it really helped me and I can say that a month and a half after the operation I had no pain in my back.

Thank you Dr. Amar for changing my life for the better and for removing that horrible pain in my back.

Your most appreciative patient,

Marta Mandel”

Vivian Ramirez

  • Surgery

“Thanks for the quick recovery that my mom has, thanks for being a good doctor, friendly, and trust that you will give to your patients and family.”

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